How much weight can I lose with a Sleeve Gastrectomy?

So now let’s say you’re looking at a sleeve gastrectomy. Maybe you’ve heard a lot about it and maybe you’ve only heard a little, but you’re considering it for yourself as a way to help you lose weight and feel better about yourself. Well, this is one of the newest and most popular types of bariatric surgery at this time because it allows you to get great results and has some other benefits that you may not even know about yet. So, let’s get started on a little background with the vertical sleeve gastrectomy.

The Benefits of This Procedure

One of the biggest benefits of the procedure is the same as with a gastric bypass, the stomach is made smaller and therefore has less space to hold food. This prompts you to eat less and lose weight. But the procedure actually doesn’t require foreign objects inserted into the body and it doesn’t require your food stream to be rerouted because it takes a pouch from the side of the stomach (connecting from the upper to the lower intestines) rather than creating one at the top that requires rerouting. As a result, you’re actually in and out of the hospital a lot faster, within about 2 days.

The Drawbacks to Consider

Of course, it’s important to consider all of the potential drawbacks and the most important one is that this is a non-reversible procedure. Once you’ve decided to have it done you can’t attach the remainder of the stomach back together again. You will have a smaller stomach for the rest of your life, which means it’s a procedure that you need to think about carefully and discuss fully with your doctor before you decide that it’s something you want to do. This is going to change your entire life in the time leading up to the surgery and the time after the surgery as well.

What does it mean for You?

If you follow the proper diet after surgery you’re going to have a much more successful process than if you think you can do what you want before and after the process. That’s because your stomach is going to be smaller, but it is possible to still gain weight if you aren’t eating properly or aren’t eating healthy. That doesn’t mean you can’t ever have junk food again. You just need to be careful about what you’re eating and when as well as how much you’re actually eating. It means changing your entire lifestyle in order to achieve your weight loss goals and your plans for the future.

In fact, a gastric sleeve has been found to help you lose up to 50% of the weight within just 3-5 years and keep it off at a rate of over 50% compared to those who go through a bypass surgery. Those with this surgery will generally lose around 60% of the excess weight that they’re looking to lose with this procedure and, while lower than that of a gastric bypass, that is definitely a great amount that can be lost much more quickly than if you were to go at it entirely alone.