About Us

We are a Laparoscopic (keyhole) Upper GI surgical practice based at St George Private Hospital.

Dr. Jason Maani’s main areas of expertise are bariatric surgery as well as anti-reflux, gallbladder and hernia surgery. He has extensive experience in all aspects of bariatric treatment: everything from simple medical therapy to complex revisional surgery.

Dr. Maani takes a multi-disciplinary team approach so that all elements of your weight loss journey are attended to. Our compassionate and caring team will help you succeed each step of the way.

How We Help

Dr. Maani provides a collaborative, evidence-based, patient-centred approach to the assessment and treatment of patients with obesity. His multidisciplinary team works together to improve the health and quality of life of patients whose physical and/or psychological health is significantly impaired by their weight. We have a registered dietician on staff to help you with you pre-surgical and post-operative/recovery diets. Additionally, our dietician will work with you for three years after surgery, ensuring that you understand what to eat, how to eat, and when to eat in order retain successful results and a enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Surgery is not a quick fix. It is the beginning of a long-term commitment to your health. Dr. Maani and his team can help you lose the weight, keep it off long-term and regain your life.

Our TeamWho’s behind the scenes?

Dr Jason Maani
Consultant Surgeon