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What is a Sleeve Gastrectomy?

The Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy is a procedure that brings a significant change in the stomach by removing 80 percent of it, which impacts physiological factors that include an appetite for the food, sanitation, and blood sugar control.

The Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy also knows as the sleeve works by using several mechanisms. After the surgery, the removed portion just leaves the 20 percent of the remaining part of the original stomach, which is a tubular pouch, shaped like a banana.

● Firstly, the surgery results in the formation of a new stomach pouch which is capable of holding lesser volume than before, this helps in reducing the quantity of food that a body can consume and hence the calories consumed reduces, permanently.

● The greater impact of this procedure is that it affects the gut hormones which ensures a complete transition of many physiological patterns including hunger, satiety, and blood sugar control.

Short term researchers have shown a considerable amount of efficiency of the sleeve as effective as the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass ensuring significant weight loss and improvement or abatement of diabetes.

The studies evidently suggest that the procedure of sleeve, which is similar to the gastric bypass, not only helps in reducing a considerable amount of weight but is also effective in altering type 2 diabetes.

The chances of witnessing any complication because of the sleeve depending on the adjustability of a gastric band and the roux-en-y gastric bypass, distinctive for every individual.

How Much Does a Sleeve Gastrectomy Cost?

The cost of a Gastric sleeve should be discussed with Dr. Maani, as there are multiple options available. Please book a consultation to find out the cost of sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery.

How long does it take to recover from sleeve gastrectomy?

Typically, patients stay in the hospital for two to three nights and are fully recovered from their gastric sleeve surgery in four to six weeks.

How quickly can I return to work after weight loss surgery?

After weight loss surgery, most patients can return to work in one to two weeks. Generally, we advise patients to take the full two weeks off work to ensure they have the downtime they need to recover fully.

How fast do you start to lose weight after gastric sleeve surgery?

You will start to lose weight immediately following your sleeve gastrectomy in Sydney. Over a six-month period, you can expect to lose upwards of 1kg per week.

Is gastric sleeve surgery painful?

As with most other procedures, you will experience some discomfort following a gastric sleeve surgery. You may feel pain near the incision site. Shoulder and neck pain are also common and should subside rapidly as you recover.

If you are experiencing heightened levels of pain for an extended period of time, please notify your trusted team of health care professionals.

What can you not eat after gastric sleeve?

For about seven days following bariatric surgery, you should continue with the liquid diet you followed prior to surgery. After about one month, you can begin adding solid foods into your diet. In the following months and years after your gastric sleeve surgery, it’s best to avoid include sugary foods and soda. Most other foods can be enjoyed in moderation unless they trigger undesirable symptoms.

How much can you eat after gastric sleeve?

In the weeks following your surgery, you will only be able to eat very small amounts. Once recovered, you will be able to eat three meals daily of about half to one cup of food. Remember to eat slowly – it should take 30 minutes to consume each meal.

How dangerous is gastric sleeve surgery?

All surgeries come with potential risks, and gastric sleeve surgery is not different. If you have any concerns about the risks involved, be sure to learn about and visit a reputable practice. Our Sydney sleeve gastrectomy team would be more than happy to discuss your personal concerns, so please don’t hesitate to book a consultation.

How much does sleeve gastrectomy cost?

The cost of sleeve gastrectomy in Sydney varies between patients and practices. For more information on cost, please view our FAQ page or schedule a consultation.

What are the side effects of sleeve gastrectomy?

Side effects of a sleeve gastrectomy may include the following:

  • Acid reflux
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Infection
  • The inability to eat particular foods
  • A failure to lose weight or weight gain

Check out our blog to learn more about sleeve gastrectomy surgery in NSW, Australia, the possible side effects, the latest news, and helpful tips.

How do you prepare for a sleeve gastrectomy?

You will have to follow a special, typically liquid-only, diet in preparation for a sleeve gastrectomy. Your surgeon will walk you through this and other preparation measures.


What are the advantages of a sleeve gastrectomy?

  • As a major part of the stomach is removed, the remaining smaller part restricts the amount of food the stomach can hold. The reduction of the volume of the stomach causes a major change in the pattern of consumption of food and the consequences are that the body attains the lesser amount of calories.
  • The changes in gut hormones (implicating several physiological changes in the body) induces rapid and significant weight loss that is comparatively as efficient as the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass. Researchers have proven that percentage of weight loss resulting from this procedures is quite significant, practically >50% for 3-5+ year data, and the amount of weight loss is equivalent to the comparison drawn with the bypass procedure including maintenance, which is around >50%.
  • In this procedure, no external object (or Adjustments for Gastric Bandngs) are installed in the body and it doesn’t require to perform any bypass surgery or provide a different stream for the transmission of food (RYGB) for that matter.
  • The surgery swiftly finishes the procedure within a short span of two days which reduces the time period to be spent in the hospital in comparison with the other surgeries.
  •  As it effectively changes the gut hormones an individual experiences suppression of hunger, reduced appetite and an improvement in satiety, which causes multiple beneficial changes in an individual and their body.
  • As it effectively changes the gut hormones an individual experiences suppression of hunger, reduced appetite and an improvement in satiety, which causes multiple beneficial changes in an individual and their body.

What are the disadvantages of a sleeve gastrectomy?

  • Once the part of the stomach is removed the gastric sleeve becomes the new stomach, permanently and therefore it is a procedure where the 80 percent of the portion of the stomach cannot be retained ever again.
  • The surgery can cause a potential deficiency of vitamin for a long-term
  • The chances of having early complication rate during this procedure is higher than the AGB
  • The figure demonstrates the portion that is removed from the original stomach. After the removal of the 80 percent, the body only holds 20 percent of the remaining stomach which can be said to be the improved part. It is a beneficial physiological change that brings down a number of health problems that individuals deal with, in their everyday life.


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