Mini-Gastric Bypass Weight Loss Surgery Sydney


The mini-gastric bypass (MGB) consists of a long, narrow lesser curvature gastric pouch beginning below crow’s foot, extending lateral to the oesophagogastric junction, with a wide anastomosis to an antecolic jejunal loop at a point about 200 cm distal to Treitz’ ligament, providing malabsorption.

The operation is brief, simple and safe, has provided reliable weight loss, and is now being increasingly performed. If needed, the anastomotic site can be easily adjusted for body mass index (BMI), so as to influence the amount of weight loss induced.

It is easily reversed or revised as needed. It has now been shown in short- and long-term studies that MGB results in excellent weight loss, good resolution of co-morbidities and high levels of patient satisfaction .

The power of the MGB comes from the fact that it has restrictive and malabsorptive components; additionally it produces hormonal changes and also lowers the patient’s bile acid pool.


Mini Gastric Bypass

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