Life After Bariatric Surgery

During a weight loss journey, Bariatric surgery is an important event in patient life. This event should be taken positively as a new start in life. There is no diet, medication or surgery which can give permanent cure to obesity as it is a lifelong disease. Once Bariatric Surgery is done if proper aftercare and sensible lifestyle changes are done it can give long term results for good weight and health of the patient.

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  1. Nutrition (food and supplements) and Fluids

    Start with a liquid diet, followed by pureed food leading to semi solids and then proper solid food. A patient should take around two liters of fluids to avoid constipation and dehydration. It is stressed upon to have a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle as well.

  2. Medications

    People who undergo surgery start having a better health which leads them to take less medicine with their doctor approval. Fewer medicines don’t really mean you won’t have to take any pills at all after this surgery taking your daily dose of supplements and minerals is very important.

  3. Fitness

    For a better success rate of the surgery, proper fitness is of utmost importance. Every patient has different abilities and needs which lead to the body being more efficient in one same activity. It is advised to increase the time of your activity gradually for a more sound result.

  4. Mental Health

    After a person goes through surgery and various lifestyle changes, a lot of modifications occur in the way he or she perceives himself or herself and how others think of us. Many patients become more confident while others still see themselves as they used to with their obesity. This also effects important relationships in their lives e.g. marriages. Your work dynamics will also change which will have a huge impact on your mental health as well.

  5. Weight Plateaus

    After the surgery your life will be changed forever. Your body is now altered to give you the opportunity to overcome the core environmental, lifestyle and metabolic brought state of obesity. Don’t be disappointed when you reach a plateau as it’s a compulsory and ordinary part of weight loss mission.

  6. Sleep and Stress

    One of the important factors in a healthy weight loss journey is a proper sleep pattern. Having a proper bedtime is not for the kids only, adults can also benefit from it if followed on time. While you are trying to make a sleep pattern some factors that affect it are, bedroom environment should be peaceful and dark, avoiding caffeine before bed, and early morning workout. Some patients also develop sleep apnea after this surgery.

  7. Smoking

    To reduce the risk of any complication it is advised to stop smoking and chewing tobacco before your surgery.

  8. Drinking Alcohol

    After the bariatric surgery consuming Alcohol is strictly forbidden. As it contains no nutrition that will help you in your weight loss mission. It may also be quickly absorbed by the body after gastric sleeve or gastric bypass.

  9. Follow-up Care

    Studies have shown that we take better care of us when we know someone will check on us. We will engage in better activities and take our fitness routine seriously. For this very reason a follow up with the surgeon, dietician, bariatric doctor, and psychologist is scheduled. This will enable the patient to discuss any problems on time and hence they will be treated on time by a professional.