Sydney Obesity Clinic – The Disease of Obesity in Australia

Obesity is the result of a complex interaction between the environment and a person’s genetic makeup. Statistics show that obesity sadly affects 31% of Australian adults.

Obesity is not a matter to take lightly. This is a disease that can have severe implications if not treated. It can impair an individual’s quality of life, cause multiple diseases, and reduce life expectancy. These can include diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. Many who are obese use many health care resources. This can be a reason for concern where resources are limited.

Obesity Statics
On a global scale obesity is one of the greatest public health impediments of this century. It is responsible for approximately 5 % of all deaths per year on a worldwide scale. Its global economic impact amounts to roughly $2 trillion annually. This astounding number equates to 2.8 % of the global gross domestic product. Currently, more than 2.1 billion people are overweight or obese. The terrifying news is yet to be revealed. If obesity continues on its current trajectory almost half of the world’s adult population will be overweight or obese by 2030.

Weight loss is the most effective treatment of the morbidity caused by obesity. Medical weight- management programs will aid help those with milder obesity in keeping weight off. Weight management tends to be rarely successful in maintaining significant long-term weight loss in the morbidly obese. Consult with a doctor before undergoing any type of weight loss program. You could suffer from malnutrition.

Why You Should Talk to an Obesity Clinic in Sydney

Surgery should not be seen as a remedy to the epidemic that is obesity. Any form of weight loss surgery should be utilized as last resort. There are several different options available all of which can be performed with laparoscopic laser technology. After surgery patients will see results such as:
– predictable and sustained long- term weight loss
– resolution or improvement of most weight-related illnesses
– improved quality of life.

There are risks involved with undoing any type of weight loss surgery. These risks do not compare to choosing to the role of remaining obese will take on the body. A team of well-trained surgeons like the one St George Private Hospital will perform the surgery with care and precision. Taking the need of each and every person into consideration.

Bariatric Surgery
Bariatric surgery should be seen as the treatment of in very morbidly obese patients. This surgery is used to restrict the amount of food the stomach can hold. This will cause the malabsorption of nutrients in the body. This causes the body to lose weight fast. It can be performed using non-invasive technology. There are four different forms of this surgery:
– Sleeve Gastrectomy
– Mini-Gastric Bypass

– Gastric Band

– Gastric Bypass

After any surgery, you will have to be sure and maintain a strict diet. This diet is what will keep your stomach from stretching after surgery. If you want the surgery you choose to have the desired effect you cannot stray. Eating too much can cause vomiting to occur and you to regain weight. Attempting to eat too much at one time can loosen stomach banding.