Does Lapband Surgery Still Work?

For those interested in a less invasive procedure (and a less permanent one) lap band surgery is definitely still an option. It gained popularity for a very long time when it first became available for public use, but since then, other options have started to pop up (like those we already discussed). The truth is, a laparoscopy does work for many people and it can be a great choice if you want something to help you out in the short-term. But for someone looking at long term solutions, there are several things to consider.

What is Lapband Surgery?

First, a laparoscopic surgery is a temporary fix for a weight problem. This type of surgery involves putting a band around the stomach to create a pouch in a similar way to the gastric bypass or sleeve gastronomy, but the band is not permanent. Instead, the band can be moved, adjusted or entirely removed as necessary for the individual undergoing the procedure. This can be a good thing for some who want a short term assist in their weight loss (but do have a lot of weight to lose); however it can have some serious side effects.

The Danger of the Lapband

For those who do undergo a lapband surgery, the band can easily slip, resulting in less effectiveness than expected. What can be more harmful, however, is that it can cause bleeding, infection, blood clots and even blockage to the stomach or even erosion of the stomach lining. These things can result in permanent injury or problems for anyone who suffers them and they can be mitigated by choosing a gastric bypass style surgery instead. What’s more, the gastric bypass surgeries create a more permanent solution.

With a lapband you are only temporarily cutting off part of the stomach to make you feel full faster, by eating less food (like you would with a gastric bypass). As you get used to eating less food, the idea is to slowly start to move the lapband and eventually remove it entirely, so that you are no longer dependent on the band but are used to the process of eating less food, exercising and overall being more nutritious. For many people, however, moving or removing the lapband results in returning to all of the old behaviours again.

The Trouble With Lapbands

There are definitely some people who can do well with a lapband and who may be able to achieve the results that they’re looking for using one, but for a lot of people it’s simply not the best option. With so many other surgical options out there that last longer and are much more effective, as well as being safer when it comes to side effects, the reasons to get a lapband are actually decreasing as this type of gastric banding becomes less and less reliable.

The key to any type of bariatric surgery is the proper diet after gastric banding, and with this process, it can be difficult, dangerous and less cost effective than it’s really worth. A gastric band surgery is something you can and should consider, as a less invasive procedure it is an option, but for those in Sydney and beyond, it’s definitely not the type of surgery that you will want to choose for yourself in most cases.