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ORBERA® is a clinically proven, non-surgical approach to weight loss and is used at our practice as part of a comprehensive weight loss program involving regular, ongoing reviews with our specialist doctors, dietitians and psychologists to deliver maximum weight loss.

The Orbera® balloon was first approved for use and introduced into Australia in 2004 and was originally known as the “BIB”. It was the first effective gastric balloon and has the longest track record of any available gastric balloon. This balloon has been in use by this clinic since it was established, and more Orbera® balloons have been inserted by our doctors than any other clinic in Australia.

The soft, inflatable silicone balloon is placed in your stomach, without surgery, for the first six months of your weight loss program. The Orbera® helps to encourage good eating behaviours and portion control which are important skills you will use well after the balloon has been removed. Our team of weight loss specialists will work with you to guide and support you in learning to make these healthy lifestyle choices.


The balloon is placed in a 20 minute procedure during which you will be sedated. The procedure is completed in a day hospital facility and you will generally be discharged within a few hours of the procedure.

The deflated balloon is inserted into your stomach through your mouth using a gastroscope (a long flexible camera used to inspect the inside of the digestive system). The balloon is then filled with saline to a volume determined by your doctor. The Orbera® is not adjustable so once inserted it remains at the same volume until it is removed after six months (through the mouth in the same way it was placed).

You will remain in the hospital under observation for a few hours after the procedure, after which you will be discharged home.


What is the weight loss with ORBERA®

The average* weight loss with the Orbera® gastric balloon depends on a number of factors; the most important being your commitment to seeing our dietitians regularly and instituting the changes they suggest into your lifestyle.  Studies have demonstrated the average weight loss over 6 months is 12 – 20 kg.

Is ORBERA® proven?

More than 220,000 Orbera® procedures have been performed worldwide over the last 20 years, with Gastric Balloon Australia team having performed more than 1000 Orbera® procedures over the last 10 years. Orbera® has also been evaluated in over 230 global clinical studies.

Is Orbera® right for me?

ORBERA® is indicated for a BMI of 27 and above. We generally recommend the Orbera® Gastric Balloon for patients that need to lose up to 15-20kg.



Orbera Gastric Balloon

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