General Weight Loss Tips

General Weight Loss Tips

Weight loss works best when you take small steps that you can easily maintain. Trying to do too much at once or to take on a diet or routine that you cannot keep up with long-term is a recipe for failure. Below find some straightforward, actionable steps that you can take towards losing weight and improving your health.

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Journal – You’ve probably heard about food journaling, but writing down your feelings and what you are thankful for each day is a good way to get grounded, remind yourself of your goals, and put a stop to emotional eating.

3 Miles or 30 Minutes – You don’t need to jump right into an intense exercise regime on day one to see results. Try to get in a 30-minute workout or 3 miles of cardio (running or walking) every day. This is a low-cost activity with a big return on your investment!

Get the Blues – There is some research that shows the colour blue is an appetite suppressant. Try eating off of blue plates, it can’t hurt!

Find Exercise Balance – Sure, it’s possible to lose weight only lifting weights or spending all your time at the gym on the cardio machines, but there’s a better way. Try to incorporate both modes of exercise into your routine.

Make Your Workouts Fun – You are way more likely to keep up an exercise routine if you enjoy what you’re doing. Like dancing? Pick up a dance cardio class or just dance around your house to your favourite music for 30 minutes. Did you spend your childhood riding around on a bike? Maybe spinning is for you. Playing basketball, rollerblading, even gardening are easy ways to add a bit more movement into your day.

Meatless Mondays – Increasing your fruit and vegetable intake is one of the best ways to “crowd out” unhealthy foods while improving the nutrient quality of your diet. One way to do this is to make one (or more!) days a week meatless. If that seems too difficult, start with making one meal a week meatless or try to make half of your plate plant-based whenever you eat at home. Added bonus – eating less meat is better for the environment!

Get Up! – You’ve probably heard that sitting is the new smoking. Use that fact as extra motivation to get some more steps into your day. Set a timer for 30 minutes and get up to stretch, take a quick walk around the office or do some desk exercises throughout your day. A little bit will add up quickly!

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